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Since November 2018, updated as of May 1st 2019

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The portfolio invests an equal amount in all our experts. Adjust the risk/return to the level you are most comfortable with. You don’t need to follow all experts simultaneously, but you should follow at least 5 experts to protect against relevant downswings.

Since November 2018, updated as of May 1st 2019

What makes us a good investment

Beating the market

All our experts are seasoned professional sports bettors that have proven their ability to consistently beat the market through skill and by grabbing higher odds than the ones the market settles as fair.

Independent Investment

An investment in sports betting is a great addition to any portfolio given its performance is completely uncorrelated from the one of other investment assets. Even in the greatest financial crises, it maintains its risk/return profile.


We removed all upfront fees from the market and replaced it by a profit-sharing scheme. Fees are due on a per expert basis every time (s)he gives you another 5% gross return on your investment in him/her. +info on FAQ.

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What users say

Betmarkets is great! I started using the platform just to see what it was like, and before I knew it, I was logging in every day to check my experts' performance. Setting up was a breeze, and all the info on the experts made it really easy to know who I was interested in following. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Julian QuirkeInvestor, Ireland

My experience as a Betmarkets user was incredible. I did my set up in a simple and friendly way, followed the experts with the best performance, and now I just enter the platform to check how much money I’m WINNING!

Sebastian CajazusInvestor, Argentina

A platform of a tremendous quality that has arrived to revolutionise the sports betting market. As one of the first sports betting automation platforms, Betmarkets creates the perfect connection between experts and investors.

Marco AntonioExpert, Brazil

The only way to earn large amounts of money in betting, as there are no limits, no unreal odds, no scams and without wasting a lot of time.

BeneExpert, Spain

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