Since launching in mid-November 2018, Betmarkets portfolio achieved a loss of 0.55% until the end of December. We´re currently far away from the maximum achieved earlier this year (+7.04%) and the bettors remain focused in getting back to it. 


Betmarkets portfolio: uptick for the year end


December was a month where we were mostly focused in wrapping up and testing the platform that will be published for the official launch. We believe it is a step up from the existing version and cannot wait to share it with all of you! During the month we have also accepted an invitation to attend an exciting conference in the upcoming months. We’ll let you know which as soon as we are allowed to do so.


We are going through the roadmap that has been put in place and hope to share importante news with all of you soon. We are all living with anticipation towards the date of the official launch. It is getting closer and closer!


The portfolio


If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check our previous monthly reports:


The portfolio that we’re going to report is built by dividing your balance equally amongst all professional bettors available and by following each new one as soon as he/she is available. In this sense, if you were to follow this portfolio, you would be reallocating your balance every time a new expert is added. The risk/return level of the presented portfolio is the lowest in our scale – low. Performance for a portfolio of medium risk/return is 1.5x the one of this portfolio. Lastly, performance for a portfolio of high risk/return is 2.0x the one of the presented portfolio. Remember that the volatily of these riskier portfolios increases along the same lines.


December 2019: +0.29% (-0.55% overall)


We closed November with a cumulative return of -0.84%. December started on a positive tone and saw the bettors climb above water before dropping a bit at the end of the month. Tha portfolio reached its maximum during the month at +0.62% on the 13th and then closed at -0.55%.


US Sports firing all cylinders


Our US Sports bettors had great results this month. Ryan Blake made 9.6% in December, after gaining 18.7% in the opening month of the NBA, and BP Team – US Sports followed him with a 9.0% gain, fully recovering previous losses. collbet led the losing bettors with a 9.1% loss, worsening his previous performance. Overall, it was a positive month for the portfolio, albeit slightly.

Below you can see individual performances during December:


The previous table only includes DutchDota2 (removed from the platform due to a behaviour change) in his overall impact of the portfolio performance.




This has been the daily evolution of the gross performance of our portfolio since its inception. The bolded figures represent the end of each month.



The Market Edge of the professional bettors will enable them to have a positive performance in the long-term. If they are able to keep attaining this Market Edge, this product will deliver a long-term positive performance. That is the most important, regardless of the short-term market fluctuations. This factor saw its importance reinforced recently, since most providers are dropping their spreads.




We ended November with an annualised standard deviation of 8.94%, from 9.09% at the end of October. This figure will continue to run down as the contribution of the initial days – where we only had a handful of professional bettors – diminishes. The inclusion of new professional bettors will further reduce volatility. In addition, we shall be more and more positive about our predictions as we pile up observations. This will increase the statistical confidence of the analyses.


Market Edge


We are also compiling information on the Market Edge, that is, the advantage of the professional bettors against the overall market (measured by the comparison between the odds they bet on and the closing odds – statistically speaking, the best predictors of the true probability of the event). We closed December with a Market Edge of 1.60%. 0.09% below November’s figure. With the drop of the spread from the bookmakers, the Market Edge requirements have lowered for all accounts. 2.0% is no longer required for a long-term positive performance. It will be closer to 1% from now on.


With a Market Edge above this threshold, even by picking randomly the bets (as to say, even without any “skill” at all), these professional bettors will tend to profit in the long-term. This is just due to grabbing higher odds than what the market settles as fair. And that is a big reason that supports Betmarkets as an investment.


Changes with the official launch


After we launch, the threshold for the Market Edge (ensuring long-term positive performance) will be lower. And this is massive! Until now, we’ve been working with regular accounts – with still significant fees – from the launch onwards we will have corporate accounts with the providers. Those will have bonified spreads, allowing us to have an improved performance. On the long-term, this factor alone can account for a few percentage points of annual return.


Professional bettors that do not achieve a Market Edge above the spread will need skill to profit in the long-run. Another thing to take into consideration is the betting style of each professional bettor. The Market Edge each one attains will deeply depend on it. For example, if you mostly rely on LIVE bets, your Market Edge will only be computed based on a small fraction of all your bets (only the Pre-match ones can have Market Edge).


The figures presented below are cumulative from January 23rd onwards. When we published the new layout, changing the operational structure of the platform, some data had to be reset. Their significance will, as well, increase with the growth in the number of observations for each professional bettor.



What we expect for 2020


A brand new year has just started! This will be the year when we officially launch! We are working towards turning this project into a successful endeavour and must thank you for all the feedback and encouragement you have been giving us throughout this (extremely) long Beta version. The platform will keep on getting better, the providers’ spreads will steadily lower and the best bettors will stick with us for the long-run. All of this so that you can have the best possible experience with us and reach – or surpass – the return goals you have set.


Our objective remains the same: beating the long-term risk and inflation-adjusted return of the S&P500 of 6% per year while keeping lower volatility levels.


Try this Beta version without any risk


If you would like to have a closer look into the portfolio of professional bettors we are offering, register at Betmarkets. In this beta version we are giving you €10 to invest until the end of it. It is coming to an end, so hurry!

In addition, you can use the promo code BM252 to receive another €10 to invest! 🙂 No deposit required. We will withdraw this amount when this version ends. You get to keep all profits as credit towards future bettors’ profit-sharing commissions. In the case of a loss, it’s entirely on us.

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