Betmarkets exhibited at the Web Summit 2019 as a BETA startup. One year before, we were selected as a Most Favourited Startup as an ALPHA startup. We were also present in the Startup Showcase and the PITCH competition! This allowed us to reach many more potential leads and partners.


Betmarkets at the Web Summit 2019


Attending the Web Summit was a no-brainer. Even though we knew that last years’ experience would hardly be surpassed… Being picked as a Most Favourited Startup in 2018 was mind-blowing! This year, we would go there as a BETA startup – an established one! We exhibited on the second day of the conference, showcasing what we have been doing to attendees. We also received both great suggestions and constructive criticism from them.


Meetings with investors were another great outcome from the event. We are confident that we have reunited interesting leads towards a potential seed round in the beginning of 2020! Besides meeting with new investors, we also followed-up with a few ones from the previous edition in order for them to understand the evolution of the company. We were also invited to be interviewed by a German online newspaper and to participate in a vodcast, both yet to be published. We will let you know as soon as they are available!


Web Summit Betmarkets


Betmarkets presented at the Startup Showcase, under the Future of Money category. It was refreshing to hear so many different perspectives on the topic. There, we took the chance to explain how sports betting can be an investment. Betmarkets was also one of the 135 startups participating in the PITCH competition and we had a blast! Below you can find our presentation during the Group Stage of the PITCH competition. We surpassed 7 other startups to go into the quarterfinals but, unfortunately, we did not proceed any further. Getting into the semifinals would have meant the world to us. If so, we would pitch on the Centre Stage. We’ll do our best next year again!


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