Sports betting is a market where most people lose. Therefore, it might seem odd that we are proposing an investment platform based on it. However, there are some experts who consistently beat the market through the systematic application of strategies and algorithms. And those are the ones you’ll be able to follow in Betmarkets, effectively making you profit from sports betting.


Sports betting: the average player is bound to lose


Sports betting is an extremely inefficient market where the average player loses, and that’s why gambling houses can be so generous with their bonuses. On the long run, the average bettor will lose at least 2% since that is the fee charged by the best providers. This means that just to breakeven, users need to be, at least, 2% better than the house. And that is hard – extremely hard.

To put things in perspective, some houses only pay 1.86 (-116, 43/50) in events for which they see a 50/50 chance. By selecting randomly and repeating the choice several times, you’ll lose 7 cents for every €1 invested… A whopping fee of 7%, in a coin flip, that severely diminishes your chance to profit from sports betting.

Also, the ones who happen to find an edge and profit from sports betting will quickly see their accounts frozen! As you can see, even from a rational stance, the market is built favouring the betting houses at the users’ expense.

Betmarkets arrives to tilt the game in your favour. Our experts went through strict screening processes and have third-party verification on their track records. In addition, by automatically giving you access to the best odds available, you won’t need to worry about the different fees from each provider.


The emotional trap


Operating individually in this market gets even worse because emotions prevent us from being completely rational. Indeed, social scientists have established the irrationality of the human being, disagreeing with most of what the classical thinkers thought.

We react to losses stronger than to gains, even if they are of the same magnitude. Through a simple test, Daniel Kahneman – a prominent behavioural economist – has managed to shed some light in this question. Check the details in our post Irrationality in Sports Betting.

tl;dr? Results showed that people tended to safeguard their winnings and gamble their losses, even if they expect to lose more this way. In the long-run, this costs significant money. That’s why you should take your own condition off when deciding and focus only on the money-value of the choices. Try to rely on objective processes, or on someone else, to help you through the decision process.


Professional advice


With Betmarkets, you will be able to rely on people whose main occupation is to profit from sports betting. These individuals are professionals who rely on data, statistical analysis and, more recently, on machine learning to decide where and when to bet. The ones we work with have been consistently profitable and had third-parties verifying their track records before they could enter the platform.

Some of them have a strong background in mathematics or physics to support the design of their decision systems. What’s most surprising is that some of them don’t even enjoy watching sports! One of our experts told us that she “doesn’t even know the offside rule”. She has a background in mathematics and decided to profit from sports betting by building an algorithm that analyses the probability of Over 2.5 Goals in each match. If the probability is above the one represented by the betting houses’ odds, she will bet.

In Betmarkets, you will find a list of sports betting experts. They have all gone through our selection process. You simply have to decide which ones you want to follow. For every bet they place, the same bet will automatically be placed for you.

Register now to become one of our founding users. Upon registering, enter the code BM252 to receive a €20 bonus to invest in-platform during our Beta version. No deposits are required, and you get to keep all profits as credit towards future fees. All eventual losses are on us. The initial bonus will be removed from your account once the Beta version ends.


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