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All you need to know about Betmarkets

1. General

What is Betmarkets?

Betmarkets is a web platform that allows you to invest in sports betting by automatically replicating sports betting experts: you just need to sign-up, deposit funds and select which experts you want to follow. Every time one of them places a bet, the same bet is placed in your account.

Is Betmarkets free-to-use?

Yes. Betmarkets is a free-to-use platform – you can sign-up and invest in sports betting with no cost or charge. As an investor, you will only pay experts when they give you profits, meaning you will never pay anything to experts if they are not returning anything to you. You can see experts’ fees and when payments occur in the question “What are the fees I will have to pay?”, in the Payments’ section.

Is Betmarkets available in my country?

While we are in Beta, we accept users from everywhere in the world. We are yet to know from which countries we will have to prevent users from registering, but we expect them to be only a few.

How old do I need to be to use Betmarkets?

You must be 18 years old or older, according to your local jurisdiction, to use Betmarkets.

Where are my bets placed?

Betmarkets does not take any liability in bets. We forward them to licensed operators, being our aim to partner with as many operators as possible, to always provide the highest odds available.

What is the reasoning behind having €3,162 if you have deposited €1,000 and followed all experts?

If you have followed all experts since January 2015 (we considered the first 15 experts that joined – there are 25 now) with an equal amount, totaling €1,000, you would have gotten €3,162 until the start of this Beta version. This accounts for a yield of 4-5% per bet.

2. Following Experts

Who are sports betting experts?

Sports betting experts are individuals or organizations that have proven track records of delivering positive returns from sports betting markets. Their records are usually longer than one year and comprise hundreds, if not thousands, of bets.

Can I be an expert?

To make sure experts have a certain degree of quality, we conduct a strict admission process before accepting any expert. If you can provide an own track record of bets with more than one year, verified by a third-party, we will be happy to consider you.
To apply, send us an email to with a small description of your experience and your third-party verified track record attached.

In which sports betting experts should I invest in?

Different experts have different betting profiles and track records. As all of them went through our admission process, we do not give preference to any and recommend you following the ones that meet your interests and profile. Indicators you can look at when deciding which ones to follow are market edge, performance, number of bets, consistency and experience. You should definitely take a look at our blog post where we go deep on how to assess sports betting experts.

What happens after I follow one expert?

After you follow one expert, each time he places a bet, the same bet is automatically placed in your account. Thus, whenever you want, you can log in, see which bets were placed and already closed, which ones are still pending and monitor your overall performance.

How much will I wager in each bet?

When experts place bets they set, in percentage, how much should be wagered in that bet. Therefore, this value is multiplied by your investment on them, so you place the exact amount they recommended. You can forecast how much you will wager in each bet by looking at the stake experts used in their previous bets.

How many experts should I follow?

We recommend you follow never fewer than 5 experts. Preferably, aim for a number close to 10, so you make sure your portfolio is fully diversified. This is the only way you are protected from high variance, which is not welcome at all in any investment. You should definitely take a look at our blog post where we go deep on how diversification is your most important metric.

What is the market edge?

Market edge is the average of the difference between the odds that experts wager at and the closing odds of those selections (which are the most accurate predictor of a selection). Along with other KPIs, this is one you must consider when comparing experts.

Can I download experts' records?

At the moment, it is not possible to download experts’ records. It will require some effort from our tech team and there are other priorities – maybe in a couple of months.

Are there limits per bet and expert?

Bets must be placed with a minimum of €0.01 and are capped at the limits operators accept (thousands of euros per selection). Experts might set minimum investment amounts to be followed with, whereas there is no maximum limit yet.

4. Payments

How can I deposit?

While we are in Beta, we do not accept deposits. We are yet to know which methods will be available for deposits, but we expect to enable the most common: bank transfer, e-wallets, credit cards, etc…

Are transactions safe?

Yes, depositing money to your account is safe, private and secure, as your funds are protected by leading security protocols.

Do I need to link my bank account?

No. You don’t need to link any bank account or card. You’re required to upload funds, but you do it as a unique payment. If you want to increase your investment, you need to make a second deposit, which means we don’t, and we can’t, access your bank account or cards.

Am I required to deposit a minimum amount?

There is a minimum amount to deposit of €20. Remember that this will act as your bankroll and not the amount you place per bet. The latter will be much smaller than the amount you deposit, at any given time.

What are the fees I will have to pay?

Experts charge up to 27% (see table below) every time they earn you +5%. Imagine you follow an expert with €100: every time he earns you €5+, you will share with him a percentage of those earnings.
Investment amount in an expert (€) Profit-sharing fee (%)
0-250 27
251-1,000 22
1,001-5,000 19
5,001-25,000 18
+25,001 17

Am I being charged if I'm not being profitable?

In general, the answer is “no”. You will only be charged a profit-sharing fee in profitable expert-user relationships. These fees are due every time that that same expert gives you another +5% gross return on your investment with him/her and calculated based on the table you can find above on “What are the fees I will have to pay?”. However, given that experts operate independently from each other, there might be cases where your overall portfolio of experts is sustaining a loss but one (or several) of them are giving you profits. The latter will still charge you a fee under the same conditions as presented above, regardless of your overall result.

Updated 08/03/2019

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