Investing in sports betting is profitable, given that you have developed an expertise on a given market by studying it during an extended period of time and have some kind of statistical/mathematical system that removes all emotions from decision-making. Most people are not willing to commit the time nor the effort to achieve such advantage. We made things easier for them. To invest in sports betting with Betmarkets you just need to select the experts you want to follow and decide how much you want to invest in each.


Investing in sports betting with Betmarkets


Sports betting is a market that has been only allowing the rich to become even richer. Following sports betting experts involves significant upfront fees – in the hundreds of euros per month – and is a completely manual process. Worse, if you miss some of the recommendations or are unable to find them in your usual betting providers, you won’t replicate the performance of the experts.

These experts can have several years of expertise in their market(s) of choice and/or rely on algorithms that try to find value in each bet – mispricing from the betting houses.

With Betmarkets, you can invest in sports betting by relying on the predictions of sports betting experts. They have multi-year track records and have undergone a strict vetting process before they were able to be part of our platform. And everything is automatic! For every bet that an expert places, the same bet is placed for you.

You don’t need to worry about getting the best odds for each bet. Our engine will take care of that by screening all providers in less than one second and selecting the one with the best pay-out. In fact, with us, you don’t even need a betting account!


Setting up your account


If you have already received your invitation to enter the platform, you just need to register in the platform by clicking in the provided button. Do you think you’re missing the invite? Check your Promotions and Spam folders, it should be in there!

After registration, you’ll receive a verification e-mail. Please confirm that your e-mail address is correct.

In the future, you will be able to fund your account through different payment gateways. For now, you’ll receive €20 to invest until 31st January – on that date, they will be taken away. You get to keep all profits; if there’s any loss, it’s entirely on us!

In addition, you can invite up to 10 friends to join the platform straight away. For each one that registers, you’ll receive €5 under the same conditions.

All in all, entering our platform can give you up to €70 to start investing right away and boost your profits!

If you haven’t registered so far, join our waiting list at Betmarkets to get your invitation. Invites will be sent each Thursday!

Already in? Awesome!


Building your first portfolio of sports betting experts


On the platform, go to Copy Experts and check the list of experts we’ve made available for you. For this version, we are displaying part of our experts – others will be added during the following weeks – until all of them are available upon the official launch!

You can check their profile by clicking either on Stats or on their profile picture. There, you can see the returns they have delivered in each month, their market edge (check the last paragraph of this other post here) and some other information about their track record and activity.


Picking the experts


You should always select experts from different sports to ensure you’re exposed to several betting markets! Diversification is one of the most important criteria to bear in mind. By copying several experts, you reduce the impact of the losing streaks that inevitably occur.

Experts have different exposures to risk. Some have a more conservative approach and opt for safer odds and lower stakes per bet, others prefer long odds and more aggressive bets. Nevertheless, almost all of them are stuck somewhere in between: those with safer odds bet higher stakes each time; those with long odds reduce their stakes drastically to reduce large fluctuations in their bank. As always, make sure that their betting style fits your investment profile before deciding to copy them!

As such, some experts – namely the ones on horse racing, typically with very large odds – are exposed to significant losing streaks since the number of bets they are expected to win is small. On the other hand, every bet that wins has a significant impact in their return.

At Betmarkets, we recommend you to follow no less than 5 experts! The more experts you follow, the more diversified you are. Thus, the smaller the probability of large downswings affecting your investment in a short time span.


Allocating your investment


After you have selected the experts you want to follow, the only thing missing is deciding how much you want to invest in each.

You will be allocating an amount to match the expert’s bank. About 1% of that amount will be placed in each bet – less if it’s a horse racing expert (higher odds and volume require a more conservative approach to bank management).

For example, imagine that an expert works with a 100-points bank and uses a 1-point stake per bet. If you’re following him with €20, you’ll be copying each one of their bets with €0.20 (1% of the amount you invested).

Now for the bit that might be a surprise: you can copy each expert with up to 100% of your balance, even when following several experts! This happens because only a small part of your balance will be in play each time. Even in the busiest of weekends, you won’t have more than 30% of your balance in-play at once.

Unlike the financial markets, where you tend to be invested 100%, in sports betting, your bank acts only as a buffer to prevent you from being wiped out due to long losing streaks. The larger the bank, when compared to the size of your bets, the more conservative you are being.

That’s why you can allocate more investment to experts than the amount you have in your account. You will never be leveraging because the amount in-play will always be significantly lower than your investment in the platform.


Managing risk


The larger the amount you have allocated to each expert, the larger the impact of his/her decisions in your investment. Make sure that you are splitting the contributions amongst different experts, so that one’s preponderance is not prominent.

Given that this is still a version where you are not investing your own money, you can take the most value out of it by putting 100% of your balance in all our experts. As your downside is protected – losses are on us – you can target the largest upside!

In the future, you should have your investment profile in mind while deciding how much to invest in each expert.


A long-term focus


As with every investment, you won’t become rich overnight! In fact, there might even be some periods where you’ll be losing. Every other website that tells you about “100% sure” gains in sports betting is, most definitely, a scam.

On the long-run, we expect that our experts will be able to deliver a return, as they have been doing for some years now. As they’re able to find the bets that have some value and beat the odds that the market expects as the fair ones – the closing odds, typically the ones resembling the true probability of the event – they will tend to have an edge against the market.

We will be sending out invites every Thursday to join the platform. Register now at Betmarkets and invite all your friends to climb the waiting list!

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