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Betmarkets participated in the most recent episode of podcast!


Hugo Belchior is the CEO and Co-founder of Bwizer, a company of reference in the market of advanced training for health and sports professionals. The project is a result of his desire to contribute to a more dynamic and entrepreneurial society. For the 30th episode, Hugo invited Afonso Vieira, our CEO, to talk a little bit about Betmarkets and his own personal journey as an entrepreneur.


This is how structured its 30th Episode ft. Betmarkets [content in Portuguese]:

  • 00:11 Presentation
  • 01:08 What motivates gambling
  • 03:01 How to deal with misadjusted expectations about betting
  • 04:05 Betmarket’s target audience and business model
  • 08:40 What is a sports betting expert
  • 10:52 Is it (really) possible to beat the market?
  • 14:20 What is the regulation around sports betting
  • 16:00 Markets where sports betting experts operate
  • 17:30 Will the sports betting market become more efficient in the future?
  • 19:06 Big Data and AI in sports betting
  • 21:27 How Betmarkets makes money. If you want to know more about this, you can check this post
  • 25:30 Launching a Beta version
  • 26:30 A gambler’s customer journey on the Betmarkets platform
  • 29:25 How Betmarkets was born
  • 31:14 What Afonso learned about sports betting early on
  • 33:00 How to hire the first developer
  • 37:40 How to negotiate a round of investment
  • 40:50 How to find a co-founder
  • 47:20 Plans for the future
  • 47:48 Match-fixing and its problems
  • 49:17 How to strive during the Portuguese startup bubble
  • 51:24 What a CEO of a young startup does on a day-to-day basis
  • 56:26 How to cope with the fear of failing
  • One book that every entrepreneur-to-be should read: The hard thing about the hard things, by Ben Horowitz


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