Trust sports betting experts, even if they are in a losing streak. You shouldn’t stop following them just because one of them made you lose money in a given week. If you do so, you will certainly miss out on their future upswings! Copying sports betting experts is profitable on the long-run – months or even years. Give them time and the profit will come. They have already proven that they have an edge against the market, now allow them to work for you.


Trust sports betting experts for the long-run


Sports betting is a volatile environment and using Betmarkets is no different. In fact, you can rack up severe profits in a matter of days! That also means that you need to be aware of the losing streaks that inevitably happen. Still don’t believe that you can profit from sports betting? Check our post here.


One of the things our users have been disclosing to us is that they decide to unfollow sports betting experts within the platform when they have negative days. Nothing farther from what they should be doing!


As these experts have downswings, they also have strong upswings. Therefore, the fact that you unfollow them after/during a downswing means that you are forfeiting your exposure to their upcoming upswings. On the long-run, these experts have already proven to have an edge against the market. We advise you to follow all of them and we will talk in 6 months!


Horse racing


This problem is ubiquitous when following sports betting experts, but it is even stronger in horse racing due to the type of bets placed.


Horse racing experts bet in extremely high odds. Therefore, their strike rate is extremely low. However, the payouts from winning bets are significant! On average, you should expect these experts to win roughly 1 out of each 7 bets they place. In this sense, it is not uncommon for them to have long droughts of 20 to 25 lost bets in a row.


All experts that are worthy of that name have significant track records where they have been sustainably profitable. Thus, statistically, they have shown that they can beat the market. However, even the best experts have negative months – or even quarters – and you shouldn’t lose faith on their decision due to that fact. Especially if you’ve been following that expert for a couple of days/weeks!


An expert in Betmarkets


Our invite-only version has been live for about 13 days and our experts delivered a return of about 8% during the period. A couple of them are losing at the moment, of course! Still missing the invite? Register now in our waiting list and invite your friends to climb the queue!


Let’s dig a bit deeper in the performance of one of our horse racing experts, shall we? He/she has already placed more than 23,000 bets during 4 consecutive profitable seasons.


He/she has placed 183 bets in Betmarkets so far and only won 28 of them (2 of the others were void). A disaster, you might think at a first glance! However, bear in mind that the odds are extremely high – 7.71 on average in this case – and so are the payouts for winning bets.


At these odds, you are expected to win 13.0% of the bets you place (1/7.71). Even less if we consider the fees charged by the betting providers – check their impact here. This expert has won 15.3% of the bets so far. It might not sound as a big difference but believe us – it is a BIG difference.


In fact, if all future bets have the current average odds and if he/she maintains this edge (quite hard, since it is very high at the moment), every time you place €1 in one of their bets you expect to profit about 18 cents. For every €1,000 of bets placed, you’ll tend to have €1,180 given back to you. This is way above what you could expect from the stock market – or other assets – in the long-run.




The performance of every individual expert fluctuates – that is, there is embedded risk in this investment! Without this risk, the possibility – and size – of returns would be significantly reduced. That’s another reason on why you should build a portfolio composed of several experts – you need to benefit from diversification.


You’ll face significant upswings and downswings. Long-term, they should average out and you’ll profit depending on the experts’ edge against the market. In these 13 days, this specific expert has seen 3 significant losing streaks of between 11-15 bets. Winning streaks in this sport are highly unlikely due to the high odds of the bets (winning 2 in a row is already an outlier!).


During this period, the expert has been losing as much as 12.7% of it’s entire portfolio. On the other hand, it has already peaked at a gain of 13.8%, recovering a whopping 26.6% from the trough in just a matter of days!


Key point: don’t stop following these experts after 3-4 days of losses! You’ll miss out.


This expert had a bad run during the initial days of the platform and some users got discouraged and decided to unfollow him/her. We even received several messages with concerns over the quality of said expert!


This is the daily graph of his/her performance (in %) over the initial 13 days of our platform, updated as of EOD 27th November:



At the end of the first 4 days, users were losing 12.74%. Those who have stop following this expert still carry this loss…! As for the others, they are currently gaining 7.41%! Better, if you only joined the platform after the initial 4 days have passed, you would be gaining 20.15%. These figures are gross, not including the profit-sharing with the expert.


We are looking forward to see the performance of this expert over the next months/quarters! Curious to see who he/she is? Then, register now at Betmarkets and grab your friends to climb the queue!

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