What are Asian handicaps? They are a type of bets that try to balance the relative strengths of the teams that are playing and are void if the handicap draws the game

Asian handicaps are among the most common types of bets. Our experts use them to control the fluctuations of their accounts. These bets try to balance the relative strengths of the teams and are void if the handicap draws the game. Pesky 0 : 0 games will never annoy you again.


What are Asian handicaps?


If you are into sports betting, one thing you might already have seen are bets called Asian handicaps. They are called this way because the practice started in Indonesia.

Surprisingly, Asian handicaps are ones of the sports betting experts’ favourite types of bets. They allow them to spread their bets effectively while reducing the fluctuations of the value of their accounts at the same time.


A simple explanation


These handicaps are applied in football and try to level the teams’ result. Translating it to sports betting, a handicap modifies the starting score so that the expected number of goals of each team is as close as possible. It can be seen as a way of measuring the teams’ relative strengths.

If, after adding the handicap to the game’s result, the teams are tied, you’ll get your money back. Therefore, betting on Asian handicaps removes the possibility of losing the bet due to a tie – after adjustment – between the teams.

Consider a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. If you bet in the Asian handicap -1, it is as if the team you have bet on started the match down by one goal (-1 : 0). If you bet in Barcelona -1, your bet will be a winner if Barcelona wins by a two-goal difference! What if Barcelona scores only once and doesn’t concede? They might have won the game in real life, but your bet’s score is 0 : 0 since Barcelona was deducted one goal. Well, that’s one of the cases where you have a void bet!

Asian handicaps don’t need to be negative. We considered the handicap -1, but we could bet in the handicap +1 for Real Madrid. The logic would be the same, with the match starting 0 : 1. Pretty simple so far. This is the same bet as before, and thus would be given the exact same odds.


What is a zero handicap then?


Some markets present you bets in the form of “Manchester United 0”. This sounds strange, because no advantage, or disadvantage, is being given to the team. This is simply another way to say that, in case of a drawn game, your money will be refunded. In other words, the only way for you to lose the bet is for the team you have bet on to lose the game. Those pesky 0 : 0 games stop denting your bank if you bet this way.

Some betting houses offer the exact same bet and call them as “Draw no bet”.


More complex Asian handicaps


The hardest part comes when, instead of seeing integers such as -1, +1 and 0, you start seeing decimal numbers. Examples of these are -1.5, +1.25 and -1.75. The first example, -1.5, is simpler than the following ones, as it follows the same logic – the match starts -1.5 : 0. If the team scores twice, it finishes at 0.5 : 0 and the bet is a winner. All in all, this is a case where it’s impossible to have void bets. If the team wins by only one goal, you lose your bet.

A -0.5 Asian handicap is exactly the same thing as betting on an outright win from a team. Any other outcome from the game, even a draw, means you’ll lose your money.

However, -1.25 and -1.75 are a bit more complex. They might seem scary, but, in fact, they’re not new to us. The -1.25 handicap is no more than the combination of the -1 and the -1.5 handicaps. If you bet €10 here, it is as if you’re betting €5 in -1 and €5 in -1.5.

This means that, if you’re betting in Barcelona -1.25, you’re half betting in Barcelona -1 and half betting in Barcelona -1.5. In the end, if Barcelona wins by one goal, half of your bet is void (-1) and half of your bet is lost (-1.5). If you consider the -1.75 case, if Barcelona wins by two goals, half of your bet is won (-1.5) and half of your bet is void (-2).


Why should you bet with Asian handicaps?


Asian handicaps are bets in which you are covered against any draw that might occur when the handicap value is considered. In this sense, you only have to worry about two outcomes: either your team beats the handicap, or the handicap proves to be too much of an obstacle. This makes taking decisions significantly easier.

Another matter at hands is that the Asian handicap market tends to be balanced. That is, through the handicap, the amount of money wagered in which team is somewhat similar. This allows the bookmakers to accept a lot more bets into the event because they are covered regardless of the outcome. They can then reduce the % of their fees because the absolute value will already be much higher. In the long-run, this means money in your pocket. Or, at least, a smaller hurdle for you to overcome if you are to be profitable as a bettor.

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